Experience speaks louder and Brasiliense wins New Villa debut


Luquinhas scored one of the goals of the victory of Brasiliense by 2-1 over Villa Nova (Photo: Claudio Reis / Handout) With the score 2-1 built in the first step, the Federal District staff safe advantage and begins to dispute … Continue reading

Series D: Brasiliense hits last details to debut Sunday


Brasiliense had 77 days to prepare for the D Series (Photo: Claudio Reis / Handout) Coach Mark Smith already has practically defined the team for the match against Villa Nova in Minas Gerais The early elimination in Candangão – in … Continue reading

Impasse: Porto Velho announces withdrawal of D Series Brazilian


Letter of withdrawal from Porto Velho (Reuters / Porto Velho) Time officiated output by letter, but the document has not yet been delivered by the Federation Rondoniense CBF. Situation should be decided by the end of the day After some … Continue reading

Green Cup: STJD brand judgment “If Brasilia” to Monday


Gilmar today in Eagle, served by Brasilia erratically in the final (Photo: Playback Liberal TV) Irregular operation confirmed by the CBF will be judged by the Superior Court of Sports Justice from 17h on the 14th, after termination of the … Continue reading

Brasilia Goias surprise and defeat in a friendly in Serrinha: 1-0


Brasilia Goias slams in a friendly in Serrinha (Photo: Victor Andrade / TV Anhanguera) In preparation for the Brasileirão Série D, the Federal District team, which had beaten the New Village, is 1-0; Palmeiras back on the field against Gremio, … Continue reading

Supporter DF bet on unlikely outcomes and Spikes German rout


Supporter stabbed in the German rout sweepstake held in Brasilia (Photo: Playback) “I’d trade all the money for the victory of Brazil”, says Flavio Rodrigues de Almeida, who took R $ 480 by hitting a German victory by 7-1 When … Continue reading

CBF announces detailed table of the Championship Series D

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Series D of the Championship will have 41 clubs and will begin on July 19 (Reuters) Competition will begin on July 19 and will be held until November 16 The Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) released a detailed table of the … Continue reading