DVD recording – Henry and Julian – April 12, 2014 – National Stadium in Brasilia


12th April has recording the new CD and DVD dual Henrique & Juliano in Brasilia!

Date: April 12, Saturday.

Time: 22 Hours.

Location: Inner Ring – Mane Garrincha Stadium


Henrique & Juliano

Poket’s Shows: João Neto Frederico; Zé Henrique and Gabriel

Ranges are due to the DJ Gusttavo OAK


Front Stage Open Bar: R$ 100.00 (half price)

BackStage Open Bar: R$ 200.00 (half price)

Selling Points:

SHOP TICKET (SCSUL Q 1 BL B ED MARISTELA sobreloja 30.) 61 – 3032-3027/9857-3254

SHOP TICKET (SCSUL Q 1 BL B ED MARISTELA mezzanine floor 30.) 61 – 3032-3027/9857-3254

Zimbrus (Pier 21, 305 South Aguas Claras)

Home of the Cowboy – Wansbeck Business North

Digital office

Other Information:

Telephone: (61) 9857-3254

Rating: 18.

Note: Locations, hours and other information are subject to change without notice.


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