The new format, Candangão 2014 has confirmed the final Mane Garrincha



Surrounding the three teams will participate in the competition DF : Paracatu is new

The 12 clubs will play in the first division of the Campeonato Brasiliense 2014 approved , on Friday , the new format of the race competitions . All teams play each other in a single round . The eight top finishers will face off in the quarterfinals, semifinals and final matches in return .

With 17 dates , the final regulation will be discussed and presented on November 18 . In the last two editions of the tournament was played in two rounds .

The tournament will begin on January 18, 2014 . On 5 and April 12 , the finals will be hosted at the National Stadium in Brasilia Mane Garrincha . The price can not exceed £ 20 proposal raised by the President of Sobradinho , Ricardo Vale . The representative of Brasília , Luis Carlos Alcoforado , defended sectors to R $ 100 in the decision , but was outvoted . Luiz Stephen sponsor Brasiliense , requested tickets R $ 40 .

During the meeting with the representatives of the clubs , the Football Federation Brasiliense ( FBF ) promised to bear the costs of arbitration and the movable frame in every game as a way to relieve teams .

The participation of teams from outside the Federal District returned to cause controversy . ” I think it’s an anomaly excretion ” criticized Alcoforado . The matter came to light when the president of Unai , Elias Andrade proposed the transfer of time mining for Paracatu , 230km from the center of Brasilia . ” I ask for help to a president with limited resources , it needs support . Someone here may also need one day,” spoke the topper unaiense .

Despite the controversy , the transfer was approved by the clubs Candangão after the proposed Unaí to bear the excess spending of clubs that travel to Paracatu , 70km farther than Unaí Federal District . In the new home, the club states that receive more than £ 300,000 in support of the city , against £ 79,000 the old headquarters . The change must still be filed with the Brazilian Football Confederation ( CBF ) .

Meet the clubs participating in the 2014 Candangão







Formosa ( GO )


Luziania ( GO )

Paracatu ( MG )

Santa Maria


See the first round of the 2014 Candangão

Brasiliense x Santa Maria

Brasilia Formosa x

Ceilândia x Legion

Range x Luziania

Sobradinho x Paracatu

Ceilandense x Capital

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